How Do I Get More Sex?

You asked for it, well now you got it. In Episode 30 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, Steve Austin talks with Katie and Candice from Free Sex Podcast about how to get more sex. This is the conversation you’ve been waiting for! If you’re married and tired of #LameChristianSex, don’t miss this episode.

get more sex

Disclaimer: This episode is NSFW. If you’re easily offended, don’t listen. If sex talk makes you uncomfortable, skip this episode. If you’re a victim of sexual trauma, this one could be triggering. If you’ve been doing it missionary position since 1984 and you’re perfectly content, this may not be the episode for you (or maybe it totally freakin’ is).

Don’t listen with your kids in the car. Or your Grandma. 

If you ignore these warnings and disclaimers, do NOT email Steve Austin to complain.

Otherwise, buckle up and get ready to have some fun. This one is gonna blow your…mind.


In this episode:

  1. How can we counter some of the damage of purity culture we grew up in once we are married?

  2. What should pastors be saying from the pulpit?

  3. Is Jesus peeking under the door while my wife and I do the horizontal polka?

  4. What do you do when she (or he) doesn’t want it?

  5. Sex after kids?

  6. What do you think is ok/not ok for looking at the opposite sex?

  7. What do women REALLY think about oral?

  8. My wife has an orgasm every time we have sex. Sometimes twice. Is she lying to me?

  9. The truth about marriage and masturbation

  10. Sex furniture

  11. What about men or women who were victims of abuse and have hang-ups around sex?

  12. Sexual hygiene

  13. The one sex toy every married couple needs

  14. Confession – I love dirty talk. Am I going to hell?

  15. WTF is pegging?


Candice and Katie started Free Sex Podcast to have an open and grace-filled conversation about sex and marriage in the Christian community. Pushing away from shame and embarrassment brought on by the purity culture, they talk unfiltered about their marriages, interview experts and answer questions sent in by their listeners. You can get all the details at and subscribe on iTunes. Got more questions? Email Katie and Candice at

lame christian sex

Steve Austin is a life coach, speaker, and author of Self-Care for the Wounded Soul. Steve’s goal is to help you create a lifestyle of focused emotional health and clarity. Looking for more ways to create space? Subscribe to Steve Austin’s free weekly newsletter by clicking right here. 

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