Is it Time to Rethink Church?

Is it time to rethink church? In Episode 33 of The #AskSteveAustin Podcast, Steve Austin welcomes Ryan Dunn to the conversation. Lots of folks have been wounded by the church. And others feel that the church has lost touch with modern life. Does that sound like you? Or are you a clergy person, struggling to connect with those who have walked away from traditional church? If any of those examples sound like you, don’t miss this episode!

rethink church

Show notes:

  • Is church just a thing we do for an hour on a Sunday morning?
  • What do we think about when we think about church?
  • What is it about the Church that makes you want to walk away?
  • Can people of faith really ever walk away from the church?
  • What advice do you have for pastor’s to re-engage with people who have walked away?
  • “Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors” – why does this phrase matter today more than ever?
  • How should the church respond in trying times like these?
  • The church should be an invitation to authenticity and intimacy.
  • How does someone continue to live with their questions, but not run (or disengage) from a church who is constantly giving them the answers?
  • A lot of times when it comes to faith, we’re aiming at moving targets.
  • What if we created a church community around the questions?
  • One Thing Depressed People Need from the Church (by Steve Austin)
  • Scars and Church (by Steve Austin)
  • Music: “Sunny”

Ryan Dunn bio: Convinced that social media is increasingly where people gather, Rev. Ryan Dunn seeks to help the church meet the world through online relationship building. He currently serves with United Methodist Communications as the chief blogger, editor, and social media minister for the Rethink Church initiative. His prior work experiences include youth pastor, sports blogger, web marketer, and radio producer.

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Church should be an invitation to authenticity and intimacy.

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