big year-ender

The Big Year-Ender! (feat. Devin Balram & Ukulele Tracy)

Episode 45 is THE BIG YEAR-ENDER! This is one awesome and random mashup of messy grace and mayhem. In this episode, Steve Austin chats with musical guest, Devin Balram, plus his friend (and fellow heretic), Tracy Kane, AKA Ukulele Tracy.

big year-enderShow Notes:

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Lyrics to, “Weak Sometimes”:


You’re put to together, you’re so well & put together

That even on your tragic days, you seem fine

You try so hard, to hide that there’s a fight inside

But I can see it in your eyes, that you seem fine



Who ever said, it was wrong to be weak sometimes,

To cry yourself to sleep, & wake up with your tears barely dry

You might feel like you’re dying, that the end is no where in sight

Who ever said, it was wrong to be weak sometimes



You say that pain just gets in the way

Just let it sit, it’ll dissipate

You say that no one’s had a better day,

By dealing with their shame.

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Coming up in 2018:

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  • And we’re getting close to my 50th episode – stay tuned!

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