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How to Design a Life of Authenticity

How to Design a Life of Authenticity

In Episode 31 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, Steve is joined by two of his IRL friends, Dennis Gable and Angie Von Slaughter. Dennis and Angie are designers who know a thing or two about messy grace and vulnerability. Listen to this powerful conversation between three great friends.

How to Design a Life of Authenticity

Show notes:

  • Story and the power of vulnerability
  • VLNRable app
  • What does it mean to be held with open hands?

  • When we say “design” or “art”, are we talking about the same thing?

  • At the root of design is problem-solving.

  • Self-Care for the Wounded Soul, by Steve Austin

  • Article by The Atlantic about Alice Rawsthorn and her book, Hello World: Where Design Meets Life

  • “Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, whether or not we are aware of it, and can also be inspiring, empowering and enlightening,” – Rawsthorn

  • “I find the old-fashioned assumption that design is somehow inferior to art to be deeply damaging.” – Rawsthorn

  • “As digital products become ever more powerful and versatile, design has an important role to play in enabling us to use them confidently, efficiently and, if we’re very lucky, enjoyably.” – Rawsthorn

  • “If you believe in design as a powerful and productive medium that can help to build a better life, it stands to reason that we need the best possible designers to do so,” she continued. “We are not likely to get them if design is seen as so marginal a discipline that its practitioners are eager to reclassify themselves as artists. Also, the richer, more diverse, and [more] inclusive design becomes, the more compelling it will seem, thereby enabling it to attract the high caliber of designers that society needs.” – Rawsthorn

  • When you ring the doorbell at someone’s home, do you use your index finger or thumb?
  • “If your identity is broken, your life is broken.” -Mike Foster

  • “There’s no greater place of freedom, being a human, than to look in the mirror and like who you see.” -Dennis Gable

  • “Design should always be in the service of a better life.” – Rawsthorn

  • “Hope is in the struggle. Joy is in the rebuilding.” -Dennis Gable

  • CXMH Episode with Kay Warren

  • “Hope is the thing with claws.” – Steve Austin

  • 8 Habits of Love, by Ed Bacon

  • “We have this really weird way of compartmentalizing ourselves, but that’s not how it works. God is everywhere, and in all, and accepting, and loving, and sitting with us in it all.” – Angie Von Slaughter

  • “The biggest problem with the church is that we have this fallacy that we have to be perfect to lead and help people. People are leaving the church in droves because they want realness.” – Angie Von Slaughter

  • “We forget to give people permission to be fully human. We were human before we were ever anything else.” – Steve Austin

  • “Not one of us are alone in the macro details of our life.” – Dennis Gable


Dennis makes a living as a creative director & designer. He’s lives in PHX with his wife & two phenomenal children. He cares deeply about people getting out of the place they’re in and moving forward into something greater. Dennisgable.com

Angie Von Slaughter is a Phoenix-based creative, musician and speaker. She is the Founder of Mousse Creative, a branding & design agency as well as Co-Founder of VLNRABLE, an app, and podcast that dives into vulnerability and living genuinely. After years of living a partitioned life, she seeks to guide others down a path of wholeness. She frequently speaks on authenticity, creativity and the intersection of faith and sexuality. Connect with Angie at MousseCreative.com

Do you like who you see in the mirror?